• 6V UPS Lithium Backup Battery
  • 6V UPS Lithium Backup Battery
  • 6V UPS Lithium Backup Battery
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6V UPS Lithium Backup Battery

Brand weida

Product origin china

Delivery time within 20 days

Supply capacity 200 thousand per month

1. High Temperature Resistant
2. Greater vibration resistance

6V UPS Lithium Backup Battery

6.4V 3.6Ah Lithium Battery Li-ion LiFePo4 Battery Pack High Quality Lithium Battery


Product Description 

1) The battery consists of high-performance paste plate,low resistance separators,high-impact resistant polypropylene plastic tank .

2) Stable performance in different temperature working environment..Low internal resistance and high starting.

3) Tight assembly, PP/PE separator is provided for your choice, and reduces batteries resistance and corrosion inside for their own character.

4) Durable and strong material with well design constructers, it has good ventilation function and good anti-explosive character.Provideg reater vibration resistance.

5) Customer-made special dimension available (even provide brand&packaging design),OEM

6) Maintenance free calcium-calcium construction Long designing life-span and super long shelf life.



Nominal Voltage: 6.4V

Nominal Capacity: 3.6AH

Energy: 23.04Wh

Approx Weight: 0.6kg

Size: 151(L)*65(W)*100(H)mm

Case Material: ABS(UL94HB or FR V0)

IP Class: IP65

Self-discharge: less than 3% per month

Operating Temperature Range:


Charge: 0~55ºC

Storage: -20~45ºC

Charge voltage: 14.6±0.2V(25ºC)

Charge mode: 0.2C to 14.6V, then 14.6V,charge current to 0.02CA (CC/CV)

Recommend charging current: 1.6A

Max charging current: 8A

Recommend discharge current: 4A

Max continuous discharge current: 8A

Discharge cut off voltage: 10V

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