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Huaxiang "automotive grade" lithium battery dimension reduction into the electric motorcycle market

With the promotion of "double carbon target", new energy technology is increasingly popular, new energy lithium battery is not only the standard configuration of cars, "science and technology" has given it more possibilities.

Recently, the "car-grade" lithium battery products of Huaxiang Power have attracted the attention of the industry. When the "car-grade" lithium battery enters the electric motorcycle market, what kind of "spark" will the four-wheeler and the two-wheeler rub out?


Lithium battery is a battery made of non-aqueous electrolyte solution made of lithium metal as positive and negative electrode material. Because of its light weight, large energy storage, large power and no pollution, lithium battery is usually the standard part of new energy electric vehicles.

"Can the battery of a four-wheeler fit into a two-wheeler?" Huaxiang power research and development personnel in the process of product development, have such a sudden idea.

Although both electric vehicles and electric two-wheelers are powered by electricity, the differences in models, internal structures and application scenarios make the two cannot be completely equated. Careful research and testing are needed to install "car-grade" lithium batteries into the electric motorcycle market.


"The guarantee of product quality comes from material selection." In the control of incoming materials at the front end of R&D, Huaxiang Power strictly tracks the grade of suppliers, conducts rigorous analysis and test experiments on raw materials and parts supplied by them, and determines the final raw materials of "automotive grade" lithium batteries through repeated data tests.

In the process of production, inspection and control throughout, huaxiang products strictly abide by the "first inspection, checking, self-check" three principles, "process according to drawings, according to the standard, according to" three according to the principle of dynamic adjustment and control of product quality, and before the shipment for multidimensional, high frequency of the finished product functional test, for the "auto" lithium battery products completed a comprehensive "examination" before entering the market.

Sorting, grouping, bundling, welding, labeling... Every process strictly adhere to the quality standards. Materials, analysis, testing, control... Every link strictly adhere to the safety process. After dozens of processes, Huaxiang Power has been able to cultivate the domestic advanced "car-grade" lithium battery, realizing the dream linkage between two-wheeler and four-wheeler.


Since it is called "automotive grade" lithium battery, it must have the same performance as automotive lithium battery. The ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE BATTERY PRODUCTS OF HUAXIANG POWER SUPPLY ADOPT THE DOMESTIC FIRST-CLASS BATTERY CELL, WHICH HAS LONG SERVICE LIFE, HIGH STARTING PERFORMANCE AND LOW INTERNAL RESISTANCE, MAKING it NOT easy to heat up and more SAFE.

At the same time, the dual packaging of bracket fixed and glue fixed, coupled with the protective plate from the first-line manufacturers, make this series of battery products have stronger vibration resistance and corrosion resistance.

Detailed materials and strict production process, make huaxiang source related products has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, become the authoritative organization approved high quality batteries, "auto" lithium batteries are widely used in all kinds of brand electric two-wheelers, electric tricycle, vans, generation of driving.


Nowadays, the energy industry has put forward new requirements for new energy batteries. The core power lithium battery configuration of electric vehicles needs to meet the national new energy vehicle electricity standards in terms of cell, structure design, battery management system and verification standards.

Towards this goal, Huaxiang Power has made a new track layout, that is, to increase the research and development of new energy products, "car class" lithium battery building is just the first step.


No matter it is the investment of R&D funds, the training of R&D personnel, or the development of new products and the cultivation of new technologies, Huaxiang Power responds to the national "double carbon target" with practical actions, and gradually realizes the low carbon emission and zero carbon emission in the power industry, so that people can enjoy a better life and achieve a green life at the same time.

The new energy industry is thriving, Huaxiang "automotive grade" lithium battery into the electric motorcycle circle, is only the beginning of this energy revolution, in the new energy market, power enterprises still have many unknown areas to explore, the future is promising. This time-honored Chinese enterprise is playing a leading role in adjusting the industrial layout, injecting "new blood", creating "new opportunities" and promoting the innovation of the two-wheeler market.

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