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Working Environment

1. The team has a strong achievement orientation and a good desire to do a good job. At the same time, each Chengzhong is willing to contribute to the development of the team;

2. The team pursues the goal of excellence, and every member hopes to accomplish the mission of the team in the most positive way. The team is full of vitality, and has a strong flexibility, innovative spirit, competitive spirit;

3. Focus on customers in the work process, solve practical problems, and analyze and solve problems based on the overall interests of the company;

4. The whole collective cares about the honor of the team, and each member of each department treasures the honor of the team, and often compares with other departments voluntarily, in order to make common progress;

5. Good training mechanism to ensure that the team has the characteristics of learning organization;

6. The company and department leaders pay attention to the management of employees, pay attention to the potential of employees, and strive to create a friendly atmosphere of mutual support, mutual respect and mutual understanding;

7. new entry, there are special induction training, old staff can give necessary help, and tell the company's expectations for them.


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