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More than innovation, Huaxiang intelligent lithium electric innovation forklift industry

In the process of industrial production, "transportation and loading and unloading" is an essential process, and the electric forklift has long undertaken this responsibility. How does the traditional forklift truck adapt to the "fast times" and "new energy trend"?

Focusing on the field of new energy batteries, Huaxiang power supply has given a new answer. Huaxiang new "intelligent lithium battery for forklift truck", with better performance, more competitive quality, more intelligent service mode, let the wind of energy saving and environmental protection blow to the forklift truck industry.


According to the "China Forklift Industry Market Outlook and Investment Opportunities Research Report", global forklift sales have maintained a steady growth trend in the past decade, reaching 1.635 million units in 2021, and this number is expected to continue to grow in 2022. With the continuous improvement of the world's industrialization level, industrial enterprises have more and more demands for forklifts and higher requirements for forklift quality. Huaxiang Power Co., Ltd. focuses on this change and develops a new forklift battery product.

The battery acts as the "heart" of the electric forklift, providing continuous power to the forklift. At present, there are two kinds of forklift batteries widely used: lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. The advantages of lithium-ion batteries over lead-acid batteries, which are easy to pollute and have a short life, are increasingly evident.

The intelligent lithium battery for forklift truck launched by Huaxiang Power will apply the technology of car gauge to the forklift battery, and integrate the cutting-edge intelligent technology into the use process of forklift truck. It gives full play to the advantages of lithium battery, makes a good demonstration for all parties in the industry, and leads the industry to change to the direction of high-quality development.


According to the product R&D personnel of Huaxiang Power Supply, "the biggest highlight of intelligent lithium battery for forklift trucks is the use of combined production technology of vehicle gauge cell and vehicle gauge". The so-called "car gauge" refers to the specifications and standards of automotive electronic components, that is to say, Huaxiang will meet the automotive standards of the cell and combination process applied to forklift battery, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of forklift battery.

Compared with other electronic components, the car gauge cell can better adapt to the application environment, even in the temperature, humidity, vibration degree is relatively bad conditions, the same can work normally, with more powerful security, stability, consistency. In terms of battery assembly, this product also uses the combined technology of car gauge class, which has stronger heat dissipation and earthquake resistance, fast battery storage, slow discharge and long battery life.

Advanced technology and high-quality parts make high-quality products. The service life of intelligent lithium battery for forklift assembled with high parts can be as long as 15 years, which is 4~5 times that of ordinary electronic components, significantly improving the efficiency of forklift battery.


Artificial intelligence is a hot technology at present, and the intelligent lithium battery used by Huaxiang Power forklift is also indispensable for the support of intelligent technology.

Through the touch type LCD screen, the forklift operator can monitor the battery status at all times to better adjust the operation of the forklift. Through the background management technology, Huaxiang's specialized personnel can regularly check the status of the battery, the scheme ahead, will kill the abnormal problem in the cradle; Through the cloud upgrade technology, when a fault occurs, the staff can deal with the battery fault in a timely manner by remote way without going to the site, making the after-sales service more simple, efficient and accurate.

From the front to the back end, from pre-sales to after-sale, from the production site to the remote background, huaxiang power lithium battery intelligent forklift with whole chain regulation, whole process service, all-round tracking, let originally cold battery into "will express, can self-healing, can exchange" humanized products, refresh the history of lithium battery forklift industry application.


Innovation and development continue. The intelligent lithium battery for forklift produced by Huaxiang is another innovative work after the "car-grade" electric motorcycle battery series. It has a high reference value for the cross-boundary cooperation, new product research and development, and technical linkage of the power industry, and provides innovative inspiration for the battery use specification of the forklift industry.

The continuous innovation and hematopoiesis of Huaxiang Power Supply not only enables the world to see the fresh power of this Chinese enterprise, but also triggers the continuous innovation of different power application terminal industries.

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