• 12.8V Outdoor Portable Storage Battery
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12.8V Outdoor Portable Storage Battery

Brand weida

Product origin china

Delivery time within 20 days

Supply capacity 50 thousand per month

1. Long discharge feature.
2. Suitable for backup and energy storage power supply.
3. Special dividers enhance the internal performance of the battery.
4. Special plate design, long cycle life
5. Large heat capacity, reduce the risk of thermal runaway, special lead calcium alloy formula
6. Strengthen the corrosion resistance of the grid and prolong the battery life. Not easy to dry up, can be used in the harsher environment.


12.8V Outdoor Portable Storage Battery

1. Overview

 12.8V40AH outdoor power supply is composed of 4S 16P with 64 18650 lithium ion cell modules, charge and discharge control and management modules, secondary protection module (reserved), communication module, AC output inverter module, DCDC, conversion module, standard USB output module, USB-TYPEC module, display and other functional modules. The product in the circuit and structure design, are the use of a multilevel safety mechanism, the safety and reliability of the product has a better guarantee.

 12.8V40AH  outdoor power supply, the output includes 2 AC outlet AC output, 1 channel cigarette lighter DC output / input, 2 channel 12VDC seat DC output, 3 channel standard USB output, 1 channel USB-TYPEC fast charging input / output, and 2 charging DC input ports. Superior performance parameters and rich output functions, can meet almost all digital products and outdoor electronic products power backup application needs. By reading this specification, users can understand the basic features, functions and precautions of P 600 outdoor power supply.

2. Functional brief description

2.1. Product size and weight


Product size and weight


Length (mm)

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