Summer Holiday l Huaxiang powers your travel


With the end of the college entrance examination and the arrival of the summer holiday, not only the children are happy, but the "big friends" can also take the opportunity to relax. Say goodbye to the noisy urban life for a while, and a family trip by RV is on the agenda, in which safety and comfort are the most important considerations. New energy vehicles are more and more popular due to their advantages of fuel saving and stability. Such trend makes Lithium-ion batteries widely used.

Huaxiang Power, as a well-known technology enterprise for 36 years in the industry, has accumulated a good reputation and influence. In the ever-changing energy market, we always adhere to the purpose of customer satisfaction. Following the sale of lead-acid batteries at home and abroad, we continue to explore the field of new energy. Our products are widely used in power supply, industrial energy storage, household energy storage, power communication, medical equipment, security communications, transportation and logistics, digital products, new energy power, smart home, etc.

Compared with traditional batteries, Huaxiang Power's lithium battery products have longer cycle life, wider applications and better safety performance.

Comfortable Trip in RV

In the hot summer, comfortable RV travel can better meet the needs of the family. While enjoying the convenience brought by on-board electronic equipment, long time energy consumption requires reliable battery power supply.

The RV battery of Huaxiang Power adopts A-grade batteries, which has a cycle life of more than 2000 times and more than five years of service life. It has excellent continuous charging and discharging performance and no heat generation, also equipped with intelligent BMS management system to provide over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection and over-temperature protection. All is to make your journey safer.

Excursions on a Whim

In addition to long-distance self-driving tours, it is also good to have relaxing excursions in surrounding places. However, the bumpy roads during riding has a great impact on the stable output of power. Huaxiang Power's electric motorcycle battery products are made for such situation. It adopts a standard combination design, and the bracket and glue are double-fixed, which can greatly improve the anti-vibration ability. The cells and protection board from China’s domestic first-line brand manufacturers, along with low internal resistance and no heat, ensure riding safety.

Camp and enjoy the scenery along the way

It is so refreshing to spend time with friends camping, playing cards and drinking tea, while portable outdoor power supply is especially important for such situations. In addition to eliminating the anxiety of running out of power on the phone, outdoor power supply can also provide sufficient power for other devices. Durability, waterproof and high temperature resistance have become important standards to test outdoor power supply.

Huaxiang Power's outdoor power products have IP55 protection grade and use high temperature formula batteries, which are more suitable for high temperature environments. The series, using A-grade battery cells with long cycle life, can be used for more than five years, and can also be customized. With Huaxiang Power, all you need to do is to enjoy your trip.

People-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, integrate good products into life. Huaxiang Power has always been an advocate of exquisite life. Adhering to the concept of "steady development and honest management", Huaxiang Power has vigorously expanded its territory in the household consumer market while winning market reputation with quality.

Summer Holiday l Huaxiang powers your travel

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