In Europe, how to save electricity in winter heating?


   In Europe, how to save electricity in winter heating?     


    Recently, with the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, European and American countries led by the United States have imposed several rounds of economic sanctions on Russia. At the same time, the sanctions are greatly affecting the lives of people in Europe.

Russia's "Nord Stream 1" gas pipeline has been cut off indefinitely, causing an energy crisis in Europe. Uniper, the German energy giant and the biggest importer of natural gas in Europe, was also affected, with shares falling 11% .

On the one hand, fossil fuels are in short supply and electricity prices are soaring. On the other hand, wood for winter heating has been snapped up. How to spend less to survive this winter has become the biggest question of European citizens.

save electricity

The popularity of electric blankets drives

sales of outdoor power supplies

    Since the start of 2022, the energy crisis in Europe shows no signs of stopping, resulting the increase of energy prices. Thermal equipment such as electric blankets and heat pumps made in China is becoming a new favorite among European consumers.

    Interestingly, the upcoming cold winter in Europe has not only greatly increased the sales of electric blankets and heating equipment in China, but also driven the popularity of outdoor power supply. As we all know, electric blankets can only be used when they are plugged in, which requires them to be used in a place with a fixed power supply. European consumers creative using of electric blankets with outdoor power supplies makes winter travel and camping unique.

    When it comes to outdoor power supply, we have to mention Huaxiang Power, a veteran energy company. The P series outdoor power supply products from Huaxiang, using clean and environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery module, are light and easy to carry. Interfaces of various specifications can meet the backup power application requirements of almost all digital products and electronic products. Once launched, they have been favored by the market.


Solar power generation saves

energy and electricity


    Equipment like electric blankets may bring a touch of warmth to the cold winter in Europe, but in the long run, Europeans still needs to use household appliances on a large scale to ensuring the heating of the whole house. At that time, saving energy and electricity will become a top priority.

    We all know that abundant sunlight provides conditions for the growth of grapes and olives, making Europe rich in wine and olive oil. In this case, the ample sunlight could also provide favorable conditions for solar power generation in Europe. According to incomplete statistics, installing six to eight solar panels on the roof could meet about a third of the annual electricity demand of a European household, which is quite promising.

    The solar batteries of Huaxiang Power are not only stable and durable, but also have the characteristics of high cycle life, IP55 protection grade and high temperature resistance. In recent years, the reduction in installation cost has also allowed more households to choose solar power as an auxiliary power source.

save electricity

Energy storage system ensures the long-term power supply

    Solar power generation can share the pressure of electricity bills and save energy. However, it can only generate electricity during the day and cannot be used at night, which also makes it have certain limitations. At this time, energy storage batteries can make up for the troubles caused by intermittent power generation and ensure the long-term supply of electricity.

    In addition, energy storage batteries can store excess power during low-peak hours and release it during peak hours to balance the power consumption.

    The energy storage battery of Huaxiang Power adopts A-grade large-capacity aluminum shell cells and Chinas first-line protection plate, which can keep working current without false standard and has superior charging and discharging performance. The excess electricity during the day can be stored to the maximum extent and used for household power supply at night.


    The negative economic effects of the current energy crisis have triggered the euro zone's worst inflation since 1999. Whether they like it or not, European consumers are being forced to change their lifestyles, and new energy sources that save energy and reduce emissions are gaining popularity. It is foreseeable that in the near future, energy products will usher in a second wave of growth peak in Europe.


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