Huaxiang quality hammer, hit out of the enterprise new world


In order to further grasp the product quality and safety of Huaxiang power supply in the production process, on the afternoon of June 24, 2022, under the leadership of the general manager Li Xiaolong, the enterprise organized the "Quality is king --2022 annual quality work review conference;

Huaxiang quality hammer

Salute Haier, zero tolerance of quality

In 1985, IN the face of substandard products, Haier Zhang Ruimin took a hammer. Since then, the company has paid close attention to quality management, started the enterprise myth of continuous growth for nearly 40 years, and developed a small loss factory into a large international enterprise group renowned at home and abroad.

Today, Huaxiang leader Li Xiaolong, general manager, led the tough Huaxiang people, smashed more than 2000 unqualified battery products. From display to smash the battery products with potential quality and safety problems, let all employees deeply understand the values of the enterprise, realize the importance of product quality, and realize the irreplaceable role of high-quality products in the fierce market competition.

 hit out of the enterprise new world

Four bells are ringing

The first is not let go: the cause of the accident is not let go

The second one is not spared: those responsible are not spared until they receive education

The third is not let go: the corrective measures are not implemented

The fourth do not let go: the relevant personnel did not receive the warning did not let go

Huaxiang quality hammer

Hammer of quality, product zero defect

The HAMMER of Huaxiang QUALITY will HANG high in the palace of the enterprise, is a firm determination, but also the confidence of the enterprise. Huaxiang Power supply to all employees and customers, to clarify the persistent pursuit of quality, defective products will not flow out of the factory, and the factory finished products of the "full score" guarantee.

The hammer of Huaxiang quality is a whistling alarm, but also a hammer to smash all the bad products. It requires Huaxiang people strict quality control, quality can not have a slack and relax. Only IN this WAY, HuaXIANG CAN hold high THE banner of "quality is king", win the domestic and international markets, and win the trust of tens of millions of customers.

Lightning talent after-sales no dead corner

Make things right, have a solid quality foundation, after-sales service can not relax. Huaxiang is dedicated to polishing and launching the service brand -- Lightning Talent. Adhering to the concept of rapid feedback and professional service, Huaxiang is on standby for customers all over the world for 7*24 hours, from pre-sale, during sale to after-sales, from customized service to industry solutions.

The delivery of Huaxiang is that you give me the trust of the whole heart, and I will give you a satisfactory experience. We are every customer the most loyal partner, with you hand in hand, a total of innovation in the future! Choose Huaxiang, is to choose rest assured, peace of mind and comfortable.

 hit out of the enterprise new world

Brand upgrade, create a century-old enterprise

In 2022, Huaxiang, a time-honored power supply enterprise, has been steadily going through 36 years. At the same time, it also ushered in the huge development opportunity of the new energy market.

Huaxiang quality hammer

This year is also the brand year of Huaxiang. The brand new strategy has been fully launched.

First of all, Huafu Weida brand rooted in the field of traditional energy batteries and plates, continuing 36 years of brand accumulation, continues to lead the lead acid batteries and plates market.

Secondly, in the field of new energy, we will launch a brand new Azure, develop lithium-ion batteries and other green energy batteries, and focus on new energy starter batteries, power batteries, energy storage batteries and other markets. Marching forward, the brand takes scientific and technological innovation as a weapon to guard our common blue sky.

Finally, leap-forward into the C-terminal market, launched Shiyuanda brand, based on the innovative application of new energy, aimed at providing new lifestyle products for the terminal consumer market, locking trillions of outdoor life, RV travel and other infinite blue ocean market.

 hit out of the enterprise new world

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