Feeling full of Mid-Autumn Festival, Heart of Huaxiang


Autumn October, the epidemic scattered clouds open!

"Only wish forever, and Hua Xiang's family always together, love, love, wish you a full return today!"

On the afternoon of October 9th, the "Mid-Autumn Festival, Huaxiang Heart" cake competition and the fourth quarter staff meeting opened with the host's romantic song "Huaxiang Mood" and the applause of more than 600 employees.

First of all, in the fourth quarter of the staff meeting, the general manager Li Xiaolong pointed out: "Cake Bo is a unique Mid-Autumn Festival traditional activity in southern Fujian for hundreds of years, which is a kind of inheritance of history. Bo cake represents the Minnan people's unyielding culture, and also represents the spirit of Hua Xiang people's love and dare to win." Thank you for sticking to your posts for the development of the company and staying in the factory for the festival in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention! It is hoped that the activity postponed due to the epidemic can relieve the tense and hard work of everyone in recent days, and feel the joy unique to southern Fujian together with colleagues around you.

Second, James zhang management center to share the work of a company in staff care in the third quarter, including environmental ascension (dining environment, accommodation and rest environment, workshop environment), welfare (post wage, employee forum, service into the workshop), cultural promotion, set up business schools, strengthening the staff and management training, fun games, etc.), In the fourth quarter, we will further enhance the corporate culture and employee care, including the cake competition, evaluation of excellence, tail tooth party, tourism activities, welfare improvement, incentive mechanism and so on. While improving welfare and cultural care, the company calls on all colleagues to adhere to the corporate culture of "deep cultivation of ingenuity", "seriously close the quality, truly love Huaxiang!"

Finally, in the applause of thunder, the Mid-Autumn Festival cake competition officially began! The cake, the company in accordance with the minnan custom lucrative prizes for you, ten a table, a total of 61 tables, table each choose a long bo cake and preach rules, each member of the table according to their own combination of six dice throw, "just" a "juren" calculated "jinshi" "no." "the second" "scholar" and other awards.

Everything is ready, the word is given,More than 600 people in the venue instant boiling, ding ding dong, the sound of dice one after another, the scene is magnificent!

"Get out of the house, get a good fortune". The winner of the "top scorer" will get the "good fortune", representing a year of good luck!

Round after round, the staff at each table are immersed in the southern Fujian culture, getting closer and happier with each other.

In the sound of crisp dice and cheerful words collide with each other, all loaded.

"Feeling full of Mid-Autumn Festival, heart Hua xiang". Huaxiang people took over the Mid-Autumn Festival "good fortune", the pace is consistent, heart linked, set foot on a new journey!

The Mid-Autumn festival

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