Inspiration from frequent power cuts in Sichuan, a major power generation province


Inspiration from frequent power cuts in Sichuan, a major power generation province


    This year's sweltering heat has not only swept across the southeast coast, but also in Sichuan, the land of abundance. Just this past August, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology and the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company jointly issued a document requiring all industrial electricity companies (including whitelisted key guarantee companies) to completely suspend production for 6 days.

    So what is it that is causing even the major power generation province to suffer from power shortage?

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Hydropower is difficult to store

In fact, this is not the first power cut in Sichuan. But this time it lasted for a long time and occurred frequently, and even affected the lives of residents.

Geographically, Sichuan, which is on the second terrain ladder, has superior natural conditions. Due to the high altitude difference and abundant hydropower resources, hydropower accounts for more than 80% of the province's power generation. The power generation will further increase during the flood season of the river when the water flow is large, and, in addition to satisfying local demands, be transported to other provinces.

However, problems also follow. It is difficult to store excess electricity, and some enterprises and residents have no awareness of saving electricity, resulting in a waste of electricity. Especially in high temperature weather with extremely little rainfall, the long-term operation of the air conditioner causes a surge in power consumption, which is more prone to power shortage.


Energy storage batteries make up for household electricity gaps

     The power shortage crisis has brought a lot of inconvenience to some residents in Sichuan. People have to avoid peak electricity consumption, increase the temperature of air conditioners, and reduce the use of electrical appliances to save electricity to the greatest extent. There have also been power crises abroad, but in developed countries such as Germany, the United States, Japan and Australia, household energy storage batteries have begun to be popularized to improve people's livelihood. In some areas of Sichuan, there is still a lot of room for development of energy storage batteries.

Huaxiang Power has taken household electricity into consideration since we entered the field of energy storage. Through continuous market research, we improve the product structure. The home energy storage battery we produce is not only stable and reliable in continuous power supply, safe and durable, but also can be equipped with an LCD screen, allowing home users to understand battery information more intuitively. Whether it is chassis height, discharge port or depth, we can customize the product according to your needs.

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Energy storage system solves the problem of power shortage

    Reasonable use of energy storage batteries can also effectively alleviate the problem of power shortage caused by peak electricity consumption. Energy storage is the key equipment of Chinas new-generation power system. Through the in-depth collaboration between the power generation end, the grid end, and the user end, it acts as a "buffer" between the three, reducing power abandonment and maximizing power supply.

    The energy storage battery produced by Huaxiang Power can be stored when the power is sufficient and released when needed. In addition to the daily household field, it is more widely used in emergency lighting, tunnel lighting, fire elevators, etc. The product adopts A-rate large-capacity aluminum shell cells to reduce the parallel connection and defect rate, along with the mature protection board of domestic first-line manufacturers to ensure the continuous working current. Besides, the internal resistance of the battery pack is low, the continuous charge and discharge performance is excellent, the temperature rise of high current charge and discharge is low, and deep customization is also acceptable.


Solar cells provide sufficient power

    Although extreme dry weather has brought a lot of pressure to hydropower generation, the continuous sunshine also provides favorable conditions for solar power generation. A solar cell is a high-efficiency and environmentally friendly battery that uses sunlight to generate electricity. The abundant sunshine in Sichuan Province all year round is more conducive to the installation and use of solar cells, which can be used both for daily use and as backup power.

The solar cells of Huaxiang Power not only meet the daily electricity consumption of residents, but also are used in solar street lights, emergency lights and outdoor equipment. Its high cycle life, IP55 protection level, and high temperature resistance are favored by the market.

power cuts

    It is foreseeable that in the next ten years, the demand for electricity will gradually increase. Renewable energy represented by energy storage batteries and solar cells is more than just a key direction of energy development, but also an excellent choice for solving power shortages. Whether it is in Sichuan or the whole country, it is imminent to adjust the power generation structure, and the blue ocean market belonging to new energy has arrived.

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