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Welcome the Director of the Medical Insurance Bureau visited Weida Oct 26

On the morning of October 19th, 2021, Kang Yuantai, Director of Zhangzhou Medical Insurance Bureau, Xiao Minning, Director of Changtai Medical Insurance Bureau, Dai Conghua, Director of Xingtai Development Zone, Changtai District, and other leaders visited Huaxiang Power Supply for investigation and guidance.

Huaxiang Power Technology, as a representative of high-quality energy enterprises in Zhangzhou, has the honor to be the object of this investigation. It was warmly received by senior executives such as Li Xiaolong, general manager of Huaxiang Power, and accompanied the leaders to visit and investigate all the time. At the same time, it actively exchanges and discusses the current business model and future development strategy of Huaxiang Power Technology.  


Li Xiaolong, the general manager, led the team to explain in detail the development of Huaxiang Power Supply in the past year to Director Kang Yuantai and his party during the field visit of Huaxiang Power Plant, and introduced the development strategy and planning for the next five years.

When listening to the introduction of Huaxiang culture by General Manager Li Xiaolong, Director Kang Yuantai agreed with Huaxiang Power's corporate culture of promoting the development of science and technology and giving attention to the cultivation of talents. Just like the motto of Huaxiang Power Supply, China's energy is not only energy technology but also the "source of capable people", which can develop for a long time, to fundamentally promote technological innovation and create unlimited possibilities.

After visiting the lithium battery R&D center, production line, production process, and technology of Huaxiang Power, the leaders have a concrete understanding of the overall operation of Huaxiang Power's lithium battery project and affirmed Huaxiang Power's achievements in developing and promoting green energy. He said that the new energy science and technology conforms to the development needs of the times and responds to General Secretary Xi Jinping's new energy security strategy of "four revolutions and one cooperation". Huaxiang should give full play to its core advantages, expand its production capacity in an orderly manner, and at the same time, raise the requirements for emission reduction and carbon reduction, to achieve carbon neutrality in the whole life cycle of power batteries.

After the investigation, Director Kang Yuantai had a clear understanding of the difficulties and challenges encountered by our company and instructed relevant government units to provide good services and support for the development of enterprises. It also encourages Huaxiang Power to face up to difficulties, walk at the forefront of the times, strengthen its scientific and technological development strategy, give full play to its industrial advantages, and lead its industrial development, to become the global leader in new energy lithium battery materials and build a world-leading lithium battery brand. The words of Director Kang Yuantai injected strong "energy" into the whole company, and also gave a strong sense of mission to the new chapter of energy written by Huaxiang Power.

 The prospect of a new energy industry is vast, and there are infinite possibilities in the future. Huaxiang Power will put its core resources into new energy in 2021 and has a detailed division in market demand and product positioning. Focusing on the concepts of "green production" and "building with the mind", Huaxiang Power is bound to make progress towards becoming a benchmark in the energy industry, making bold innovations, achieving high-quality development, and empowering the technological era!

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