Deep cycle solar battery
Model Nominal
Voltage (V)
Capacity (Ah)
Dimensions(mm) Weight Terminal
Lenght Width Height Total Height
mm mm mm mm
12N6.5 12V 6.5Ah 137mm 66mm 101mm 103mm 1.82kg Lead/Copper
12N3L 12V 3Ah 98mm 57mm 108mm 110mm 1.21kg Lead/Copper
12N9 12V 9Ah 149mm 85mm 105mm 108mm 2.85kg Lead/Copper
12YB3L 12V 3Ah 98mm 56mm 110mm 115mm 1.0kg Lead/Copper
YT5L 12V 5Ah 120mm 60mm 128mm 130mm 1.48kg Lead/Copper
12N2.5L/YB 2.5L 12V 2.5Ah 80mm 71mm 103mm 106mm 0.85kg Lead/Copper
YT9 12V 9Ah 150mm 87mm 105mm 108mm 2.15kg Lead/Copper
YT12B 12V 10Ah 150mm 71mm 130mm 133mm 2.63kg Lead/Copper
HX12-100 12V 100Ah 330mm 171mm 214mm 216mm 29.3kg Lead/Copper
HX6-7 6V 7Ah 151mm 35mm 94mm 98mm 1.09kg Lead/Copper
EVU1 12V 35Ah 195mm 130mm 161mm 165mm 11kg Lead/Copper
HX2-600 2V 600Ah 302mm 175mm 330mm 333mm 36kg Lead/Copper

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