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The exhibition has ended, but the excellence continues|The 82nd (Autumn 2021) Guangzhou Motorcycle Parts Fair has come to a successful conclusion Nov 18

On 10th,November, 2021

Sponsored by China National Automotive Industry Parts Sales Co., Ltd.

The 82nd (Autumn 2021) China Motorcycle Parts Fair

was grandly opened in Guangzhou PWTC Expo

The exhibition opened four large exhibition halls of Guangzhou PWTC Expo
with an exhibition area of 40000 square metersThe exhibition covered a full range of motorcycle parts and suppliesExhibitors all over the country participated in the exhibitionMotorcycle accessories people gathered together to participate in the grand event

When the exhibition was held, the outbreak of the epidemic occurred

In compliance with the epidemic prevention policy

Huaxiang Power Technology Co., Ltd. overcame difficulties and set sail bravely 

Carrying lithium power battery, dry maintenance free motorcycle battery

Long life and other series of power batteries participated in the exhibition.

Identifying customer needs

Developing cutting-edge technologiesDemonstrating strong brand strength

Producing intelligent battery, Huaxiang people have always maintained a serious attitude!Relying on the diversified display of its own productsBooth style with modern technologies

It has attracted the attention of many exhibitors and customers

The heat wave of inquiry is coming

Huaxiang people's enthusiasm will be ignited!

Let power and charm fly togetherMasks separate the distance among peopleBut they can't separate the warm quality of Huaxiang people

In addition to Huaxiang's classic main lead-acid productsThe products displayed also includeProducts launched by Huaxiang based on new energy marketThe products were self-developed products applied to small power scenesHZF-DA high quality lithium power battery seriesThis series adopts long cycle life cell, low internal resistance and no heating, thereby ensuring the safety of riding for a long time,The standard combination design adopts double fixation of bracket and glue to improve the adaptability to road conditions

The on-site Huaxiang staff gave professional explanations 

Let the customers who came to inquire about our productsHave a deeper understanding of productsIt also won the affirmation and applause of the power source for Huaxiang power

Even in the difficult period of the outbreak of the epidemic
We still received a large number of inquiry from customersAfter understanding the brand quality of Huaxiang power A large number of customers were willing to reach a long-term cooperative relationship with us
Huaxiang power always believes inInnovating core technology and developing business thinkingNot satisfied with the present achievementsOnly by judging the situation and creating changes through reform can we make steady progress

With the strong support of the organizers of China National Automotive Industry Parts Sales Co., Ltd.The fair has come to a successful conclusionThe new challenges of Huaxiang power are still continuingAt the next exhibition, we look forward to showing you a better Huaxiang power!

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