Deep cycle solar battery
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I heard that

There is a special group of “employees” in Huazhen New Energy

They not only have unique talents

But also embrace a splendid dream




Protect the earth

Though this dream is

Mediocre and also ordinary

They insist on a day after another

Protecting the environment of the earth, practicing the sustainable development on their own

They are lithium battery products promoted by Huazheng New Energy

Protect the earth, making the global leadership of Huazheng Intelligence Manufacture

As new stars of the new-energy field

Everyone holds their own opinions to the contributions to the industry field of themselves

Every battery thinks that they are the most excellent one

So next, let us give the stage to the batteries

Bring you to explore the “hard core energy” belongs to themselves

Protection leader

The intelligence BMS management system protects with a comprehensive direction

Electricity flows, but I keep still

From sunrise to sunset

Travel around the world

12V lithium will make efforts to navigate for and protect you


Stable leader

Adopt electrical chip with large-content square aluminum shelf of A goods

The beautiful appearances always vary, but the property keeps all the same as usual

How stronger the “ability” is

And how greater the responsibility will be

Anytime, anywhere

Hold the whole situation for you

Safety leader

Intelligence leader

Class A lithium iron phosphate cell

Wisdom your mind, take pinched more than 2000 cycles

Intelligence for the chip, stability for the action

The CP you like will break up

And my steady state, always on

Sunshine leader

High-temperature formula electrical ship

The most caring one with knowing your cold and resistant to heat

Every moment when the sun rises

Create endless energy

Release natural impetus

 The batteries of Huazheng New Energy

Are too excellent

The green protectors like these

With their own charms

Everyone will be attracted by them


Small body

Release giant energy

Take the leadership of green life

Protect the environment of the earth

Is the mutual dream of the batteries from Huazheng New Energy

Our green career is still continuing

Let us explore the endless possibilities of the “energy”

Go for a better future!





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