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Museum of Memories|Open a New Chapter with Huaxiang Power Jan 12
The year of 2021 is a book that will soon be added to the Museum of Memories.
Every word in the book tells the efforts Huaxiang people made.
Each page and chapter record the glorious journey of Huaxiang Power.

Just like that, page after page

We turned to the last page

here we come to the end of the book.

Let us look back on 2021 together,

Let the beautiful memories,

giving profound meaning to the time shared by Huaxiang people.

and encourage Huaxiang people to keep moving forward.

In the spring when everything is in full bloom, we are also quietly innovating.

We are ready to surprise everyone with our changes.

In April, Huaxiang's official WeChat rebuilt the framework.
Simple and distinctive labeled content shares important information about Huaxiang Power.
The new vision symbolizes our new departure.

In May, a new friend of Huaxiang Power, XiaoWei, was born.
He became the brand image of Huaxiang Power,
and has been accompanying Huaxiang people to struggle together and spend a good daily working life.

On May 28th, Huaxiang Power showed its big mind again.
Faced with the rapid changes in the energy industry,

We kept up with the times,
invested in Huazhen New Energy Company and successfully transformed,
creating a new energy era of our own

All these innovative changes
broke the stereotype of traditional industry
and left a heavy stoke of colour
on the great picture of Huaxiang Power's development during the past 35 years.

"Nurturing Talent and Growing Together"
Energy and talent developing together,
Inject stronger power into the enterprise.


At a time full of changes every day, 
and as a national high-tech enterprise,
Huaxiang Power always maintains the attitude of "Living to the New".
We believe that talent is the core competitiveness of enterprise development.

In August, Huaxiang Business School was officially launched.

With the mission of " Nurturing Talent and Growing Together ",
with talent strategy as the guide,
and aiming to improve comprehensive strength
the School has provided greater space for talent to learn and improve,
enabling every staff to grow together with Huaxiang. 

Corporate culture is the gene and the unchanging values in Huaxiang people
It is presented in every ordinary and subtle daily life


In September, we celebrated the 14th birthday of Huaxiang Power
During the 14 years in the industry, we never stopped developing and growing. 
Huaxiang people pay tribute to the 14th anniversary of the company with the spirit of sports competition.
We also use team cohesion to create our own unique and beatiful memories.

In October, the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Sharing Party, postponed due to the epidemic, was  finally here!

Every corner of the gym at Huaxiang was filled with laughs and joy.

Everyone went home with lot of prizes, bringing an unforgettable end to the Mid-Autumn Festival

In early winter of November, the warm-hearted Huaxiang launched the

Excellent Staff Recognition Program

Let every Huaxiang people can learn from the excellent role model
Let the talent-rich Huaxiang Power continue to climb to move forward

For us,2021 is a year to build on the momentum
Opening up a new game in the midst of change
Proactively seeking change in order to build a new development of Huaxiang


By December, Huazhen New Energy Technology Co.
has independently developed 12v lithium battery,
energy storage battery, electric bicycle battery,
intelligent power forklift battery, solar battery, etc.

All products are characterized with safety, low price and long service life.

Huazhen New Energy provides lithium battery solutions for customers in different fields,

and also contributes to the world's environmental protection,

In terms of technological innovation,

we keep the energy of "innovation" forever,

and believe in the power of perseverance and change.

By the perseverance in the struggle to open up, Huaxiang can create the future without fear of hardship,

and become a century-old private enterprise with a long history.

In the past year,

Huaxiang Power has gone through different stages of development.

With the common efforts of Huaxiang people,we forge ahead,

maintain resilient,and the ability to improvise

and write  a perfect ending for 2021.

The upcoming 2022

is like a mystery box for us,

full of uncertainty and surprises.

What kind of challenges will Huaxiang Power face in this year?

Please look forward to our continuation of the excitement!

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