Deep cycle solar battery
Model Nominal
Voltage (V)
Capacity (Ah)
Dimensions(mm) Weight Terminal
Lenght Width Height Total Height
mm mm mm mm
HF12-N4L 12V 4Ah 113mm 69mm 85mm 85mm 1.0kg Lead/Copper
YTX7A 12V 7Ah 149mm 85mm 93mm 96mm 2.5kg Lead/Copper
YTX6.5L 12V 6.5Ah 139mm 66mm 97mm 100mm 1.58kg Lead/Copper
YTX5L 12V 5Ah 113mm 70mm 105mm 108mm 1.44kg Lead/Copper
YTX4L 12V 4Ah 113mm 70mm 105mm 108mm 1.45kg Lead/Copper
YT14B 12V 11.5Ah 150mm 71mm 145mm 148mm 2.99kg Lead/Copper
YT12B 12V 10Ah 150mm 71mm 130mm 133mm 2.63kg Lead/Copper
YT12 12V 12Ah 152mm 88mm 130mm 133mm 3.1kg Lead/Copper
YT7L 12V 7Ah 114mm 70mm 130mm 133mm 1.78kg Lead/Copper
YT7A/YT7B 12V 7Ah 150mm 86mm 94mm 96mm 1.81kg Lead/Copper
YT9 12V 9Ah 150mm 87mm 105mm 108mm 2.15kg Lead/Copper
YT7A 12V 7Ah 150mm 86mm 94mm 98mm 1.81kg Lead/Copper
12N2.5L/YB 2.5L 12V 2.5Ah 80mm 71mm 103mm 106mm 0.85kg Lead/Copper
YT5L 12V 5Ah 120mm 60mm 128mm 130mm 1.48kg Lead/Copper
12YB3L 12V 3Ah 98mm 56mm 110mm 115mm 1.0kg Lead/Copper
12N32 12V 32Ah 195mm 130mm 155mm 166mm 10.2kg Lead/Copper
12N9 12V 9Ah 135mm 76mm 135mm 137mm 2.8kg Lead/Copper
12N9 12V 9Ah 149mm 85mm 105mm 108mm 2.85kg Lead/Copper
12N7BT/12N7C 12V 7Ah 136mm 76mm 123mm 125mm 2.5kg Lead/Copper
12N5/12N5L 12V 5Ah 119mm 60mm 128mm 130mm 1.85kg Lead/Copper
12N3L 12V 3Ah 98mm 57mm 108mm 110mm 1.21kg Lead/Copper
12N14 12V 14Ah 151mm 87mm 148mm 150mm 3.5kg Lead/Copper
12N5 12V 5Ah 119mm 60mm 128mm 130mm 1.85kg Lead/Copper
12N12 12V 12Ah 148mm 85mm 131mm 135mm 3.45kg Lead/Copper
12N6.5 12V 6.5Ah 137mm 66mm 101mm 103mm 1.82kg Lead/Copper
YTX7 12V 7Ah 149mm 85mm 93mm 95mm 2.5kg Lead/Copper
YTX4/GTZ5S 12V 4Ah 113mm 69mm 83mm 85mm 1.45kg Lead/Copper

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