Deep cycle solar battery

HXG12-100 12V 100Ah Solar Battery UPS Lead Acid Battery

Deep-Cycle Lead Carbon Battery 100ah for Solar-Energy-Storage-System
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HXG12-100 Solar Battery High Quality UPS Lead Acid Battery

Nominal Voltage  12V
Capacity(10HR, 25°C) 4Ah
Dimension  Length 330±2mm(12.87inch)
Width 171±2mm(6.67inch)
Height 214±2mm(8.35nch)
Approx. Weight 2.95kg (6.49lbs)±4%
Operating temperature range -20°C~50°C(-4°F~122°F)
Standard charging method(25°C) Current 0.5A
Time 5~10H
Quickly charging method(25°C) Current 2.5A

Time 1H
Terminal material Lead/Copper
Container material ABS

Best Quality Solar Battery Application:

1.Stand-by electric power

2. Power generation plants

3.Electric power systems

Sloar Battery

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