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Huaxiang Power Warmly Welcomed Zhangzhou Customs Officers May 16

On the morning of May 12th, Mr. Lin Fadai, the Deputy Director of Zhangzhou Customs, and his party, accompanied by leaders of the Xingtai Development Zone, visited Huaxiang Power for research and guidance. Zhang Jianhui, the company's deputy general manager, and relevant management personnel gave a warm reception.

As a high-quality energy technology enterprise, Huaxiang Power is honored to be the object of this survey. Vice President Zhang, representing the company, briefly introduced the development history and main tracks of Huaxiang Power, as well as its R&D achievements and exports in the field of new energy.

Weida, as the company's "time-honored" brand, insists on quality control and brand control in the process of optimizing product structure, and maintains good cooperation with a number of internationally renowned energy storage manufacturers.

Deputy Director Lin congratulated Huaxiang Power on the honors and achievements, and encouraged Huaxiang people to continue to promote the high-end brand image of "Made in China" to the world.

In the lithium battery factory, Deputy Director Lin listened carefully to the introduction of various lithium battery functions, and conducted in-depth discussions with the Huaxiang team on the problems encountered in export customs declaration.


Entering the production workshop, where the assembly workers were busy, Deputy Director Lin and his party walked and watched, chatted cordially with the workshop supervisor, and inquired about the production situation of the workshop in detail.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, the development of lithium batteries has encountered a short winter period. However, with the support of the Party and the government, Huaxiang Power is fighting the industrial war against the epidemic. In addition to the domestic market, Huaxiang is constantly looking for export opportunities to become bigger and stronger.


After understanding the overall situation of the lithium battery project, the leaders of the research team affirmed the contribution of Huaxiang Power in promoting the development of green energy, and also put forward relevant requirements for the company in safety production, technological innovation, quality control, and export certification.

Deputy Director Lin said that while Huaxiang Power is actively developing green energy, it also focuses on product quality, deepens product innovation, and provides high-quality green energy services for domestic and foreign customers. "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", high ecological value and high-quality development are the social responsibilities of Huaxiang Power.

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