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Huaxiang Power Supply Important August Reviews Sep 07

Huaxiang Core News|August end, Huaxiang power supply enterprise important event review

Energy Development

Development the source of human "power"

For Huaxiang Power Supply

The development of the enterprise does not only rely on products manufacturing

It is more for the training talents

Building awareness

Improving diathesis

Optimizing skills

Continuous exploration and discovery

is the direction in which Huaxiang Person and Huaxiang Power are moving together

Listening - Gathering Power / Huaxiang staff monthly discussion meeting

Build a good atmosphere of corporate culture

Connect every employee with communication

Let the power of listening

Insight into the current production and working environment

With an open and inclusive attitude

Let every Huaxiang staff deeply trust and belong to the heart

Strive and encourage together towin  high-quality development

Responsibility - awareness / Weida supply enterprise safety production basic training

Enhance staff awareness of manufacture safety
Learn the knowledge of safety production

Prevent hidden dangerous from the source

Grasp the danger-prone point

Deal with the source of accidents quickly and efficiently

Control every step of manufacture

Improve manufacture efficiency at the same time

Take care of both personnel safety and equipment safety

Prevent accidents from the details

Improve the efficiency of enterprise safety management

Create a safe and high quality manufacture environment together as a team

New Life - Gaining Momentum / Huaxiang Power New Employee Orientation Training

Growing towards the sun (Positive growth)

Embrace new opportunities and challenges

Under the teaching of Huaxiang Business School instructors

The spirit of Huaxiang leads the way for new employees

Under the strict rules and regulations and cultural orientation

Give a new mission to new employees

Assist employees to find their own goals and directions

Let each new force feel

the Huaxiang culture of no limits, bold breakthrough, and capable of execution

Strong and powerful "human power" injected into Huaxiang Power

Become the new generation of Huaxiang Power's spiritual successor

Become the pioneer and leader of the new era together with Huaxiang Power

Every Huaxiang staff and Huaxiang new stars

are continuously creating fresh vitality and vigor for Huaxiang Power

Huaxiang Power Supply is also providing the dream platform for every Huaxiang person

to create value and realize value

Every day there areHuaxiang Person

To converge into  Huaxiang Power everyday

Only in order to realize and achieve the vision of

Huaxiang Power based on the batteryindustry

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