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Huaxiang power 2021 annual summary & commendation conference Feb 24

On January 15, 2022, the 2021 annual summary & annual commendation conference of Huaxiang power technology was successfully concluded.

All employees of Huaxiang gathered togetherto review, summarize, reflect and inspire each other, showed the achievements made by Huaxiang people through their efforts in the past year, and jointly looked forward to a new 2022.

The agenda of the conference was divided into two parts. In the first half of the conference, general manager LiXiaolong made the 2021 work summary and 2022 development planning report. In the second half of the conference, there was an annual commendation conferencefor excellent employees (management) and excellent departments (workshops). First of all, general manager Li Xiaolong extended cordial greetings to everyone and fully affirmed the hard work made by Huaxiang people in the past year. With warm applause, he briefly reviewed the remarkable achievements made by Huaxiang people in the past year:
1.We have strengthened team building and improved the talent introduction andtraining system. In 2021, Huaxiang introduced dozens of excellent management and technical talents, which injected fresh blood into the cause of Huaxiang.

2.We have perfected the construction of corporate culture, and re-established the corporate mission of "providing safer and clean energy for the world" and the vision of "becoming a century-old private enterprise with evergreen foundation". The newly upgraded VI system not only declared the end of Huaxiang's era of "barbaric growth", but also indicated the arrival of a new journey of standardization of Huaxiang brand

3.We have expanded market share,linked foreign trade channels, focused on high conversion and high net worth customers, and achieved high-quality business growth. At present, Huaxiang has achieved steady growth in the domestic market. In addition, our overseas marketis showing explosive growth.

4.We have promoted the improvement of product process system and standardized product design, production process and resource allocation planning. Starting from costcontrol, energy conservation and efficiency enhancement and low-carbon development, we actively respond to the call of the CPC Central Committee for"peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutralization". 

After summing up the work in 2021,President Li put forward three requirements on the new road of "building a brand, growing togetherand creating the future", aiming to further focus on business objectives and enable product value, put forward a clear path for enabling products with value, and draw the development blueprint of Huaxiang people in 2022 for the new year.

1.Firmly implementing the brand strategy: forging the "HuaxuWeida" brand,building an excellent team, optimizing the organizational structure and system construction, and improving product quality and service. Reducing costs,upgrading technology, enhancing market competitiveness, and producing products with low price, good quality and high cost performance.
2.Continuously improving the talent strategy: establishing excellent corporate culture and management system, attracting the participation ofexcellent people, and comprehensively building a fine management team.3.Strongbrand, strong team, strong channel and strong operation.Establishing the advantages of leading technology, and providing customers with better solutions. Achieving the company's annual objectives according to theannual budget and policy and objective management.


Under the three requirements of President Li, the heads of each center set the profit target for 2022, signed the "military order" and set sail with the goal as the guide!

It takes all one's strength to win a victory that is on the verge of success, just as a boat rowing against the current may lose its victory by stopping for a moment. If you stop, you will lose. If you slow down, you will lose. He encouraged Huaxiang people to use such words: "the way forward is long, but as long as you stick to it, you will reach your destination; everything is difficult at the beginning, but as long as you put it into practical action, you must do it well!

Then, the annual recognition officially began! The annual commendation conference adopted the participation mode of independent declaration by all departments / workshops / individuals. A series of links from internal recommendation of each center to final evaluation and work report were carried out. On January 10, after selection, the list of commendations was as follows:

The year of the ox reports great achievements and sends congratulatory messages to the past,

The year of the tiger shows our ambitions and looks forward to the future with war songs!We believe that the combat effectiveness of Huaxiang people in the past will be the strongest fuel for us to forge ahead in 2022!Come on, Huaxiang People!

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