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Huaxiang Launch Business School and Fandeng Reading Club Officially Aug 20

Toenhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise and establish a talenttraining base,Huaxiang business school was officially establishedwith the aim of "bringing one's best and promoting developmenttogether"inthe afternoon of19thAugust2021and Fandeng reading clubwas launched at the same day. Li Xiaolong, general manager of the company, Zhang Xiayan,presidentof Fandeng Reading Club (Zhangzhou), andthestaff, above the director level of all departmentsof the company,attended the meeting.

With theconstantdevelopment of the times, Huaxiang Power Technology Co., Ltd., as a high-quality energy enterprise in Fujian Province, had always maintained "live for the creation" in the context of rapidly developing energy industry. How to shape the existing Huaxiang cultural values more distinctive is key at present. At the meeting, Li Xiaolong, general manager, stressed that the establishment of Huaxiang business school aimed to cultivate talents for our company to improve quality of all employees, and promoted sound andrapidlydevelopment of our company. He also put forward three "requirements" and one "Hope"as follow:

Firstly, require everyone to further realize the importance of learning and training, make good use of sporadic time and find more time to learn.

Secondly, require everyone to be good at thinking and dare to practice in learning process, combine theory with action, and be bold in applying the new methods (such as OKR working method) at work. And encourage them to have the courage to be the first one, and do practice boldly.

Thirdly, require managers to set an example and take the lead in learning process. Employeescould beable to correct their attitude through learning, becoming actively forge ahead, advocate positive energy, to create greater value for the company and themselves. At the same time, he hoped that all employees of the company could correct their learning attitude, actively participate in training, study hard consciously, discipline themselves. Therefore, a good learning atmosphere could be formed in company and a more brilliant future could be created.

Zhang Jianhui, president of the business school, claimed that the business school was like "an eye", "a window" and "a heart" for Huaxiang employees. It should not only understand the outside world, but also improve itself through learning. Most importantly, it had a "altruistic" heart with containing world mind and inclusive spirits, so as to "bringing one's best and promoting common development" better. President Zhang also introduced the business school's operation ideas and training system: the business schoolisHuaxiang talent training base, enterprise culture communication center and management thought exchange platform. Through the learning and training in business school, the majority of employees could master more knowledge and skills. Finally, achieving the goal of "change themselves and change the world".

The OSA team work method shared by Zhang Xiayan,presidentof Fandeng Reading Club (Zhangzhou), was lively, simple and practical. It led all managers to interact, discuss enthusiastically and triggered deep thinking. The group seriously discussed the strategic plan of the problem and actively shared the action plan.

Motivate the team to move forward withchallenginggoals to stimulate a flow of feasible and effective core strategies. Enhance the overall awareness of the team and master the skills and methods to motivate employees at work. OKR was critical, challenging, open and transparent,notafraid of failure and self driven. It was not only a working method, but also a way of thinking.

Finally, the inaugural meeting of Huaxiang business school and the launching ceremony of Fandeng reading club came to a successful conclusion with warm applause.

Chairman's word:

When the times set a new direction for Huaxiang Power Technology Co., Ltd., countless glory moments bringing by our company will continue to move forward along the development track towards the future.

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