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"Fly against the wind, enjoy happiness"-2021 Huaxiang Power Team's Dongshan Tour Nov 25
"Shiwei September, the preface belongs to the third autumn."

In the good season when warm winter and early autumn overlap,

Friends of Huaxiang Power Team

Withdraw from busy work

Rushed to the annual group outing
The friends are divided into two groups,
Go to the filming location of the youth movie "Left Ear" successively
Zhangzhou Dongshan Island

Clear blue water
Fine and soft sand
Generous sunlight pouring down
Macaron houses on the seawall
Good time and good place
Let Huaxiang people walk in it
I couldn't help but stretch my tight body and mind

An exciting group confrontation
It adds to the joy of all-weather
The autumn water is always the same
Reluctance and joy fly together
Two days and one night trip to Dongshan
This is the end

Short relaxation
Is for better progress
Friends take heart
  The journey of tomorrow

Still waiting for you to work hard!

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