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“Emotional Mid-autumn, Heart with Huaxiang”Gambling Game -- The fourth Staff Congress successfully concluded Oct 12

“Emotional Mid-autumn, Heart with Huaxiang”Gambling Game -- The fourth Staff Congress successfully concluded

Epidemics eventually fade away in the Golden October.

The number of patients infected Covid-19 has become zero in epidemics high-risk areas in Fujian and the messed-up life has returned to normal.

Everythingis going as usual. The hustle and bustle of the city life comes back!

May we all be blessed with longevity along with Hua Xiang's family forever. Love each other and may you come back home with fruitful results.

In the afternoon of 9th October, “Emotional Mid-autumn, Heart with Huaxiang”Gambling game -- The fourth Staffs congress began with a song Huaxiang Emotions under thunderous applause from 600 workers.

First and foremost , the general manager LiXiaolong pointed out the fourth staff confession that gambling game is a unique and conventional Mid-Autumn festival traditional activity in the southern area in Fujian for hundreds of years, which is a kind of historical inheritance. Gambling game represents the culture of Minnan’s people who never concede defeat, and also represents the spirit of Chinese who love to fight and dare to win. I greatly appreciate your contributions made to our company development for holding your ground under epidemic prevention guidance in the course of Mid-autumn festival.  I hope that this cake fight activity, which was postponed due to the epidemic, can ease the tension and hard work of everyone in recent days, and feel the special joy of Southern Fujian together with colleagues around us.

In addition, management center Zhang Jianhui shared the staff welfare work of the company in the third quarter, including environmental ascension (dining environment, accommodation and rest environment, workshop environment), welfare (post wage, employee forum, service into the workshop), cultural promotion, setting up business school, strengthening the staff and management training, games, etc.). In the fourth quarter, we will further enhance corporate culture and staff care, including gambling game contests, evaluation, tail tooth party, tourism activities, welfare improvement, incentive mechanism, etc. In the course of company enhancing the welfare and cultural care, we call on all colleagues must adhere to the ingenuity and industrious corporate culture, and strictly control the quality to firmly show love for Huaxiang!"

At last, the Mid-Autumn Festival cake fight contest officially began with thunderous applause! The company provided lucrative prizes for you in accordance with the Minnan’s custom for the activity.

There are ten peoples at a table, 61 tables in total, and select one director at each table to host and tell you the rules. According to their combination of six dice throw, they can get Scholar Juren, Jinshi, Tanhua, Bangyan and Top scholar.

Everything was ready, more than 600 peoples immediately rejoiced at the word of beginning. Ding-Ding dong, the sound of dice fell, the scene was spectacular!

Played for good luck. The winner of top scholar means he will get good luck, representing a year of good luck!

After a round of cake fights, thestaff at each table were immersed in the Southern Fujian culture, closer to each other and more pleasant.

Under the collision of the crisp dice and the cheerful words, everyone returned with fruitful results.

Under the collision of the crisp dice and the cheerful words, everyone returned with fruitful results

"Emotional Mid-Autumn Festival, Heart with Hua Xiang heart.

Hua Xiang people took over the Mid-Autumn festival as a good start. Start a new journey with a consistent pace and closely connected soul!

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