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How To Use And Maintenance Battery Sep 09, 2021
1) Pay attention to the quantity, density and charging degree of the electrolyte, especially the charging system closely related to it. If the charging capacity is large, the battery will lose more water, which will easily cause the active material of the plate to fall off and cause a short circuit at the bottom. The internal temperature of the battery is higher and its life is shortened. If the charging capacity is small, it is easy to cause the battery to lose electricity. In the case of long-term loss of electricity, the battery can cause irreversible sulfation of the electrode plate, which is characterized by a higher voltage increase during the charging process. Fast, complete in a short time, and the voltage drops rapidly during discharge.

2) The purity of the electrolyte is generally filled with special electrolyte or replenisher for the battery, and it is strictly forbidden to replace it with ordinary sulfuric acid and tap water.

12V 6.5Ah Lead Acid Battery

3) Keep the surface clean in daily use, and the exhaust port is unobstructed.
4) Fully charge the battery when it is not in use, and charge it once every three months. For sealed valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, the following aspects must be paid attention to daily:
①Pay attention to the range of charging voltage. The voltage during floating charge is generally controlled at 2.15±0.1V/single cell, and the voltage is generally controlled at 2.35±0.1V/single cell during cycling. If required by the instructions, please operate according to the instructions.
②Pay attention to the ambient temperature of use, generally not more than 30 degrees Celsius. When the temperature changes greatly, the voltage regulation should be strengthened.
③The products of different manufacturers cannot be mixed, and the old and new products of the same manufacturer cannot be mixed.

④It is better not to open the lid to replenish the electrolyte and replace the safety valve of the sealed valve-regulated lead-acid battery.

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